Coronavirus and the Connected World.

Whilst many of us are still grappling with how to adapt to social distancing, one thig is increasingly clear. We may be separated from each other, but we’re certainly not isolated. And it’s technology that’s keeping us together.

Digital transformation – where to start?

In 1980, Bill Gates famously made it his mission to put ‘a computer on every desk and in every home’. Visionary that he was, even he couldn’t have predicted that, 40 years later, computers would be involved in almost every area of our working and personal lives. Without a doubt, we’re living in a truly…

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If you have a Facebook Fan Page, you are a Data Controller.

On June 5th, 2018, The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) delivered a decision on the responsibility of those Facebook users who have fan pages. This decision is very important to those who use fan pages to promote their company or business and it was brought about by a case brought against a…

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RGS Car Fleet Goes Full-on Eco

Big news is afoot in the RGS camp! – We’ve been looking forward to “De-Carbonising” our motor fleet for a couple of years and we’re finally there… We took delivery of our first Tesla, a Model S 100D, in March this year, since when we have been looking forward to the arrival of our second…

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Data Protection Self Assessment

What is a “Data Protection self assessment”? If you are a Data Controller or a Data Processor (or even both), then you should carry out an appropriate Data Protection self assessment. This will help ensure that you attain and maintain compliance with the data protection laws. What does it involve? If you are a Data…

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Cloud Computing – Pros and Cons

  The Cloud, in a few words. Put simply, “The Cloud”, as in Cloud Computing, is a method of accessing networks of computers, remotely, using tools which bring together the features and functionality of the computers on those networks. A cloud can be as simple as having a NAS device connected to your home network,…

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RGS is on the move!

RGS IT Development is on the move! In July, we moved our head quarters to our prestigious new offices at the high-tech commercial park, "Mallory Yard" in the green and leafy surroundings of Cheshire's Mobberly village. You can Google StreetView our new home here  and see a Google map of the area here

I just can’t help worrying for Apple…

  Yes I know… it sounds odd doesn't it. Worrying about Apple. But it's true. I can't help worrying. After all, I reckon they're in a mighty tricky position. Historically, they've always been the “technical underdog" to a very dominant Microsoft. That inevitably leads to a hard-core of avid followers who will forgive the company…

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Facebook IPO

I just can't help thinking that we all need to learn the lessons of the recent past. Remember the DotCom Bubble – you know? – the one that burst? – You do? well, tell me this… how can Mark Zuckerberg realisticy apply a P/E (the ratio of Share Price to Earning) of about 104? (yes,…

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The state of the Technical Nation

There's been a lot of talk lately about the introduction of the new release of Microsoft Windows – Windows 8. Having been to previews and development camps, I can't help find myself wondering if Microsoft have moved the User Interface down the wrong route… all very good for people with slates, devices or TVs, but…

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