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life after lockdown

Life After Lockdown

As lockdown conditions and social distancing regulations continue to change across the UK, we’ve seen a rapid shift and dependence on technology in all settings. From working from home and virtual meetings, to office integration and fever scanners upon entry, to restaurant apps and no more bar queues(!) – this year has seen the prolific…

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machine learning

The Wonder of Artificial Intelligence

In our increasingly digitised world, almost every article you read about technology mentions either Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning (or both) – and the rumours surrounding these tech advancements can make them sound quite intimidating. Conversations around facial and voice recognition or self-driving cars can seem other-worldly, threatening our privacy and independence. But the reality…

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Doctor using technology

Connecting and Collaborating with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

At the start of 2020, digital transformation and the Internet of Things were on the agenda for many companies. But, over the past few months, as the UK went into lockdown practically overnight, automated workflows and smart technology became much more than a futuristic concept. We suddenly found ourselves in a world that’s increasingly reliant…

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