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sign at pub informing customers they are closed due to COVID-19

The New ‘Night Out’

This weekend pubs and restaurants across England will be re-opening for the first time since March. While many of us have missed a nice cold beer with friends, the thought of having to comply with strict rules and regulations will be enough to put many off going out. As you might expect, we have come…

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UK regional data now on our COVID heatmap

Bespoke software development takes many forms. With the current COVID-19 situation, we have utilised data from a number of sources to build a global and UK-wide picture of the pandemic. Interesting in itself, of course, but also illustrative of our approach to software development in that it shows how we can take data and present…

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Daily Covid-19 Pandemic Heatmap

We have created this visual to provide an up-to-date view of the global spread and growth of COVID-19. It’s a prime example of how we can extract data and present it in a user-friendly format to create useful information upon which to base judgements and decisions. Whilst this visual relates to Coronavirus, we develop these…

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Coronavirus and the Connected World.

Whilst many of us are still grappling with how to adapt to social distancing, one thig is increasingly clear. We may be separated from each other, but we’re certainly not isolated. And it’s technology that’s keeping us together.

Digital transformation – where to start?

In 1980, Bill Gates famously made it his mission to put ‘a computer on every desk and in every home’. Visionary that he was, even he couldn’t have predicted that, 40 years later, computers would be involved in almost every area of our working and personal lives. Without a doubt, we’re living in a truly…

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