We offer a range of webcasting services and applications designed from the outset to enable you or your business to communicate your message over the internet in an easy to use, attractive, enagaging and above all effective manner.

  • Our platform enables you to broadcast across the internet to your clients, staff or associates
  • You can broadcast your sales presentation, meeting, CEO address, basically anything you can point a camera or microphone at!
  • You can broadcast a LIVE event, or create an ON DEMAND presentation. You can even make your LIVE event available on-demand at the click of a mouse
  • To enrich the users’ experience, you can add Powerpoint slides, photos, Flash movies, all of which flick through and change in sync with your speaker, with all animations and effects intact
  • You can also control access to your presentation with podia’s extensive security model and run reports to check your audience figures, playout statistics and much more
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